Covid 19 – Virtual Visits

COVID 19 has forced us to temporarily shut our doors.

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes to us and the team these last few days during this uncertain time...much appreciated to know you care about us as much as we care about you 🙂

I did want to clarify a few things about are current situation

We are following the ADA guidelines to minimize non-emergent dental visits to to help front line healthcare workers to have enough personal protective equipment, we are also following Napa and Sonoma County guidelines for shelter-in-place. We're here for you and will be working remotely if you need anything. Also if anyone has a true emergency, Dr. Jordan will schedule something with you at either the Napa or Petaluma locations

Anyway, to allay a common question/concern: your orthodontic treatment is still active and your tooth movement is progressing during this time.

Because of the technology in the braces, wires, and aligners we use, we routinely extend intervals between appointments 10-12 weeks (and in sometime 16 weeks) normally, so this "forced" postponement is just doing what we would do anyway.

***For a bit of "inside-ortho" knowledge...many times I schedule interim checks and adjustments with you for my own peace of mind, to relieve any wire discomfort you may be having, or just to have a chance to talk with you 🙂

However, this obviously doesn't apply to everyone, and some people MUST be seen.

For those patients who have active treatment modalities where it would be detrimental to leave tooth movement mechanics unchecked over that long of an interval, we have contacted you personally and let you know that you do need to be seen or, at the very least, must send pictures for us to evaluate so things don't go awry.
Everyone else is good to go!

For Patient's that are just beginning treatment, we will contact you as well if we need to take another scan or impression because of the office closure. 

However, again, even if we didn't contact you and you are unsure about ANYTHING going on, just snap a few pics and send them directly to me using the Virtual Visit instructions seen here and text me @ 707-782-4070

You can also always email me at our office

Looking forward to when are back on a normal schedule. In the meantime...stay safe

Stay Safe,

Dr. Jordan

Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits is our pilot program to move your orthodontic appointments online. This saves you time on those appointments where we are just checking things out.  We respect your time and want to save you any amount of time and convenience as possible.   Texting our doctor photos of your will enable us to get back to you within 24-48 hours and let you know our thoughts and next steps.