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3M Clarity Aligners and Invisalign

Hello Ortho in Napa and Petaluma are the leader in Invisalign services to help you attain a beautiful smile without using unsightly traditional braces.

If you’ve decided to invest in your smile with braces, you no longer need to hide that smile during treatment. Instead of traditional wires and brackets, many of our patients are now opting for a nearly invisible alternative, 3M Clarity Aligners and Invisalign. At Hello Ortho located in Napa and Petaluma Dr. Jordan has invested many years of learning and training in Clear Aligner therapy so that he can offer it as an alternative to most cases that require braces.

 If you are interested in clear aligner therapy for you or your teen, call our office for a free consultation and more information. Join a growing number of our patients who are opting for this effective, attractive orthodontic treatment.

What is Clear Aligner Therapy

Clear Aligner Therapy technology straightens your teeth with clear plastic trays, called aligners, that gradually move the teeth into proper alignment. The aligners are barely noticeable when you wear them.

How does Clear Aligner Therapy work?

The aligners are custom molded for both your top and bottom teeth. You wear each one for about one week before progressing to the next one. There are no brackets or wires, though sometimes a small tooth-colored “attachment” will be needed. Clear Aligner Therapy has proven to be just as effective as traditional braces for most people. There are other advantages, too, as you can see below.

What can I expect from treatment?

With Clear Aligner Therapy, we use computer technology to design your treatment plan. First, we take impressions of your mouth with a 3D intra-oral scanner – no more sloppy goop! You will also have x-rays and photos taken. Based on this data, our orthodontist custom designs your smile and the lab then create your set of aligners and sends them all to us at one time.

You will wear each aligner, or tray, for about one week, but the good news is you don’t have to visit us that often. With Clear Aligner Therapy, all your trays at one time, so you only need to come into our office every 8-12 weeks. The total length of treatment depends on the severity of your malocclusion.

What are some advantages of Clear Aligner Therapy?

We already mentioned two: invisible appearance and about half the normal number of office visits, but there are more:

Taking care of your teeth is easier. With metal braces, you use special toothbrushes, and flossing is very difficult. With Invisalign, you can remove your aligners and floss and brush as you normally do. Better cleaning means healthier teeth and gums.

You can take your trays out for a couple of hours each day without increasing your treatment time. That means you can enjoy some activities you often can’t with metal braces, including playing certain musical instruments.

You can take them out to eat, too – just put them in a safe place so they don’t get lost or tossed away.

When you do eat, there are no food restrictions as with metal braces. Enjoy all your favorite dishes!

Aligner trays are more comfortable than wires and brackets – they don’t scrape or poke your cheeks as metal braces sometimes do.

It can be easier to speak more clearly with Invisalign trays.

And it’s definitely easier to smile. Aligner trays don’t hide that!