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Braces Fast Pass


At Hello Ortho in Napa and Petaluma we use the latest in technology to help achieve treatment times 50% faster than other orthodontic offices.  Did you know that the national average for orthodontic treatment times is over 28 months for comprehensive . Here at Hello Ortho our average is only 14 months.  We offer you this Braces Fast Pass to Save you time in braces and we do this by investing in the latest technologies.


INDIRECT BONDING:  We use a process called Indirect Bonding which helps us pre-customize your braces to effect tooth movement in the most optimal way possible, which results in fewer office visits and exceptional comfort, and because treatments are fully customized to each individual our patients see a dramatic reduction in overall time that they need to wear their braces. 

SELF-LIGATING CERAMIC (Clear) BRACES: Hello Ortho also uses a Self-ligating ceramic brace which means that our braces do not need elastic ties or steel ties any longer like traditional braces.  This means that patients can have less overall visits in their treatment because their ties do not need to be changed.   This also means that their appointments are shorter in the office and their overall treatment goes smoother and is likely to lessen the overall time in treatment. 

TITANIUM WIRES:  Hello Ortho also uses the latest in advanced wires that are placed in the braces.  The metal in these wires were developed by Nasa and have “shape-memory”. Hello Ortho says if its good enough for space travel, it means it great for your orthodontic treatment.  These wires enhance your treatment both by minimizing your discomfort, and by minimizing the overall time of your treatment with efficient and optimal forces on teeth to move them as fast as possible. 

  • Are you missing teeth?
  • Do you have mouth pain? 
  • Have you had failed dental work in the past?
  • Unsure of who can do the best job?
  • Does your smile need a major makeover?

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